Wheelchair Walk Books 

Wheelchair Walk Books 

Hi all,

I have comprised a short list of books, and their authors, together for you to have a look at. I hope some of you find this useful but as always I would welcome opinion or additional material that I haven’t listed.

A few of the books are area specific but there are a few that offer a widespread list of walks that are either wheelchair/buggy friendly by their nature or by design.

  • “Walking with Wheels” by Eva McCracken

  • “Miles without Stiles” for walks in the Lake District

  • “Beautiful Buggy Walks” by Richard Happer

  • “Buggy-Friendly Walks in the Thames Valley”

  • “Lakeland’s Easiest Walks: Suitable for Wheelchairs, Pushchairs and People with Limited Mobility” by Doug Ratcliffe, Margaret Ratcliffe

  • “Dorset Accessible Walks: 25 Accessible Walks in the Beautiful Country of Dorset” by Marie Houlden · Stobart Davies

  • “All-Terrain Pushchair Walks” by Eleanor Simmons

  • “Short Walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast” by Ed Tamkin

  • “Easy Miles No Steps No Stiles”

Thank you for reading.

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