Leveling Systems

Leveling Systems

Hi all,

We have recently come across a product that may suit many of you, at a considerably lower price than you pay for similar/inferior products currently on the market. With this in mind we thought it was worth bringing to your attention so you could examine the options further……..

Having a stable and level camper parked is the dream of every camper. Sleep undoubtedly much better, your intimate moments will remain so, pots and pans do not slip from your hob, fit snow chains or change a tire will be easier and more comfortable.


The LEVELLING KIT HYDRAULIC  AUTOMATIC  MA-VE offers this with a truly amazing price-quality ratio.

Conceived and realised taking care of every detail to give you quality, reliability, comfort and top performance category, consists of a hydraulic power supplied 12V or 24V and a hand pump as a guarantee to withdraw even feet in case of power failure .

The 4 lifting cylinders can be chosen from among the different models available in our range. The different models are characterised by different capabilities in terms of lifting force, different dimensions in the drive position, different work trips and different types of interface to the frame to meet all the requirements POSSIBLE.

All types of cylinder are painted with 5 coats of paint for a duration against the really high mountain and corrosion end a large flat surface on the floor to prevent subsidence. The plate is suitably stiffened by ribs and realised in stainless steel for durability and fitted with a water drain holes and fixed to the cylinder in non-rigid manner to ensure a correct support on uneven surfaces.

The accompanying electronic control unit is able to perform automatic complement manual cycles levelling or allow easy achievement of other objectives such as the emptying of the tanks. The user interface is instead characterised by a simple control panel that integrates adorned the original your vehicle in an elegant and discreet way.

A completion is also it located on an APP for smartphones that allows remote control of the system and ensures further simplification of operations.

Control Panel

Practical, stylish and well integrated within your RV, let you manage in a simple and intuitive all the features through automatic leveling, the manual leveling, unloading tanks and alarm management.

Top technology

to better use your leveling system can also be operated remotely via a dedicated APP down loadable on your smart phone that still enhances the functionality and comfort.

Practical, stylish and well integrated within your motor home, enabling you to manage in a simple and intuitive all the features through automatic leveling, the manual leveling, unloading tanks and alarm management.

– Stainless steel floating plate with water drain holes

– CUT-OFF optional mechanical security system that prevents the return leg in the event of accidental discharge pipe cut

– 5 coats of paint for a great durability

At £3500 inc VAT, with a £750 inc VAT  fitting fee this system is considerably cheaper than anything else on the market, that is of the same quality. The automatic leveling  is exactly that…one touch leveling. Other “automatic” levelling systems refer to the controlling of the hydraulic legs.

To look into it further and find your nearest fitting center, go to their site and take a look.

Thanks for reading and hope this info is useful to you.


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