Driving Techniques

Driving Techniques

Hi All,

We have recently come across an issue a gentleman is having regarding the driving of his vehicle. This is in no way our area of expertise so I would like to try and gather some further info/alternative methods or accessories that could help.

I use hand controls which is a new learning curve, up for accelerating down to brake. I can manage most driving situations except the hill start and turning sharp right at the same time. i.e. the right hand is pressing down on the brake the left hand is on the steering spinner knob, the hill is so steep the car rolls backwards as soon as the brake is slightly released and before acceleration can be applied by the upward movement of the hand control.

Alternatively, the central mounted brake is on and the left hand controls this while the right hand is used to accelerate as in a normal hill start. No hands are available to turn the steering wheel in time to turn right.

Trying to hold the vehicle stationary by increasing engine revs is ok for a short period but the tension in the hand begins to make loss of grip after a short period waiting for a break in the on coming traffic.

Can anyone give advice please

Hopefully someone can advise us and we can help out.

Thanks for reading and chat soon.

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