Buying a caravan or motorhome for modification

Buying a caravan or motorhome for modification

Hi all,

If you intend to buy a caravan or motorhome in order to have it modified to cater for additional needs, it is important to do your research first and ensure that the model you choose is suitable for the adjustments you require. A reputable supplier of accessibility aids will let you know if yours isn’t suitable for their products, but this won’t come to light until after you have spent a considerable sum of money on your new vehicle.

Buying a modified vehicle also requires a certain level of research before committing to a purchase. While the adjustments may sound great on paper, you will need to make sure that they do actually make access and navigation easier for you. Again, failing to do so could result in a very costly mistake.

To avoid financial disasters of this kind, ask the following questions when shopping for a caravan or motorhome:

  • Will the caravan or motorhome fit where you intend to park or store it?
  • If you need a wide entry door, is there one fitted? If not, can it be done?
  • How much does the vehicle cost, including any extra modifications that may be required?
  • Are the controls suitable? If not, will replacing them fit within budget?
  • Do the cab seats swivel?
  • Does the caravan or motorhome include ramps or a wheelchair lift?
  • Is the payload sufficient for any modified equipment you may want to add?
  • Will the internal layout allow you to navigate easily and without too many obstructions?
  • Can you move from wheelchair to seat and back again?
  • Are the light switches and other fittings within easy reach?
  • Is the shower big enough to allow easy access?
  • Can you operate all appliances and equipment? Remember to check the shower, toilet and sinks too
  • Is there room to store a wheelchair (if required) or any other equipment you will need to take along?
  • Are tables and worktops at a suitable height?
  • Does the caravan or motorhome suit your individual requirements? Does it tick all the boxes for what you wanted from your new vehicle?

The questions which are relevant to you will, of course, vary and you may have numerous others which we haven’t added to our list. Take the time to consider what you want, need and can do without before viewing any caravans or motorhomes, remembering to write it all down so you don’t forget anything important on viewing day.

Should you think of an important factor after you have viewed the vehicle, don’t be afraid to contact the dealer and ask. It is essential that the caravan or motorhome is perfect for you and they should understand that.

I hope this is useful to some of you and, as always, feel free to add your comments to improve the post. Thanks for reading.

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