Adapted Vehicle Needs

Adapted Vehicle Needs

Hi all,

I have been doing a little research into what people actually want from an adapted/custom built vehicle. Whilst all requirements are specific for the individual I wanted to put a few bullet points that seem to be generic to the subject.


  • Wider Doors

  • Fold Out Ramps

  • As much privacy as possible with amenities

  • Grab Handles

  • Hoist/Winch

  • Mobility Scooter Charge Point (whilst wild camping)

  • Wet Rooms

Below is an interesting quote from a lady highlighting some issues and perspectives:


For my wheelchair bound husband he wants room to move around in a wheelchair preferably without bashing into the cupboards etc. A roomy wet room with shower chair. Now we feel if it’s a four berth van then the shower room should be in the middle as you don’t want everyone traipsing through the bedroom in the middle of the night to use the loo, so either two convertible seating areas either end, or a fixed bed at one end. It’s a problem as we both want different things. I like sleeping with my man, but if we do that then the stowage of the wheelchair at night becomes a problem. I will have to access the loo at night and would prefer to keep my shins and toes intact. When the bed problem is solved we move on to the space problem. I do not want to be tripping over the wheelchair, or having to ask Steve to move, everytime I want to make a drink, or step outside, cook a meal, see to the dogs, so I want space in the living area. Steve wants a wheelchair lift not a ramp. He feels this enables him to take a coffee outside and come in independently if I am not around (dog walking or shopping etc. It’s the discussion we are having at the moment. It’s why I want a slide out, but he’s not keen. I want to look at Winnebagos etc, he wants to stay British and short. I can see all the reasons for and against on both sides and it’s giving me a headache!

Ultimately it seems that dignity/normality should be the cornerstone of any product or customization.

Thank you for reading and ,as always, please comment to make this post better.

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